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Rangamati District Information

Area6116.13 square kilometers.
Bounded by
the Tripura State of India on the north, Bandarban district on the south, Mizoram State of India and Chin State of Myanmar on the east, Khagrachhari and Chittagong districts on the west.
Rangamati subdivision was turned into a district in 1983. It consists of 10 upazilas, 1 municipality, 9 wards, 35 mahallas, 50 union parishads, 162 mouzas and 1347 villages.
Upazilla/ Thana
Baghaichhari Upazila, Barkal Upazila, Belaichhari Upazila, Juraichhari Upazila, Kaptai Upazila, Kawkhali Upazila, Langadu Upazila, Nannerchar Upazila, Rajasthali Upazila, Rangamati Sadar Upazila

Post Codes for Rangamati District

Elected MP(s) in 2008 Election
Area# Area NameElected MPFrom
299Parbattya Rangamati-1Dipankar TalukderBangladesh Awami League
Parliament Election Winner (Party-wise): 2001,1996,1991
Seat#Area Name200119961991
299RangamatiBNP (50.50)BAL (46.57)BAL (53.43)
BAL: Bangladesh Awami League
BNP: Bangladesh Nationalist Party
JI: Jamat E Islami
JP: Jatiya Party
Before the Muslim conquest Rangamati region was a contesting ground between the kings of the Tripura and the Arakan. In 1966 this region came under the Mughals. It was leased to the English East India Company in 1760-61. In 1737 one tribal leader Sher Mosta Khan took refuge with the Mughals. From this time onward the Chakmas settled in this region who were followed by other ethnic nationals.
Places to see
Palace, dighi and mosque of Raja Jan Bashk Khan, remnants of the residence of Raja Harish Chandra Roy and the hanging bridge.
Dailies: Banabhumi, Gairika, Giripath, Parbatya Barta, extinct: weekly Samata.
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