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Noakhali District Information

Area3600.99 square kilometers.
Bounded by
Comilla district on the north, the Meghna estuary and the bay of bengal on the south, Feni and Chittagong districts on the east, Lakshmipur and Bhola districts on the west.
Noakhali district, whose earlier name was Bhulua, was established in 1821. It was named Noakhali in 1868. It consists of six upazilas, 5 municipalities, 45 wards, 90 mahallas, 83 union parishads, 909 mouzas and 978 villages.
Upazilla/ Thana
Begumganj Upazila, Chatkhil Upazila, Companiganj Upazila, Hatiya Upazila, Noakhali Sadar Upazila, Senbagh Upazila

Post Codes for Noakhali District

Elected MP(s) in 2008 Election
Area# Area NameElected MPFrom
268Noakhali-1A. M. Mahbub UddinBangladesh Nationalist Party
269Noakhali-2Zainul Abdin FarroqueBangladesh Nationalist Party
270Noakhali-3Barkat Ullah BuluBangladesh Nationalist Party
271Noakhali-4Md. Akramul Karim ChowdhuryBangladesh Awami League
272Noakhali-5Md. Obidul QdderBangladesh Awami League
273Noakhali-6Mohammad Fazl AzimIndependent Candidate
Parliament Election Winner (Party-wise): 2001,1996,1991
Seat#Area Name200119961991
269Noakhali-1BNP (61.88)BNP (46.29)BNP (31.97)
270Noakhali-2BNP (62.15)BNP (45.81)BNP (41.29)
271Noakhali-3BNP (58.48)BNP (45.40)BNP (22.23)
272Noakhali-4BNP (55.52)BNP (45.88)BNP (36.20)
273Noakhali-5BNP (48.25)BAL (36.73)JP (36.03)
274Noakhali-6Other (37.18)BNP (35.46)BAL (51.20)
BAL: Bangladesh Awami League
BNP: Bangladesh Nationalist Party
JI: Jamat E Islami
JP: Jatiya Party
The ancient name of Noakhali was Bhulua. Once the agricultural activities of the north-eastern region of Bhulua were seriously affected by floodwater of the river Dakatia flowing from the Tripura hills. To save the situation a canal was excavated in 1660 running from the Dakatia through Ramganj, Sonaimudi and Chaumuhani to divert water flow to the junction of the rivers Meghna and Feni. After excavating this long canal Bhulua was renamed "Noakhali" after "Noa" (new) and "khal" (canal) in 1668.
Places to see
Noakhali Public Library (1895), Bajra Shahi Mosque (1153 AH, Chatkhil), Kali Statue (18th century) at Sirajpur union of Companiganj upazila).
Jatiyo Nishan, Abayab, Weekly Jatiyo Bangladesh, Noakhali Barta, Ajker Upama; extinct: Noakhali Hitoishi (1922), Purba Bangabasi (1884), monthly Asha (1901), Tanjin (1926), Desher Bani (1927), Chholtan (1924), Tripura Noakhali Lakshmi (1342 BS), Noakhali Sammilani, Jatiyo Bangladesh, Upakul Barta, Nayabarta.
Rivers Bamni and meghna.
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