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Lakshmipur District Information

Area1455.96 square kilometers.
Bounded by
Chandpur district on the north, Bhola and Noakhali districts upazilas on the south, Noakhali district on the east, Barisal and Bhola districts and the meghna and on the west.
Lakshmipur thana was established under Noakhali district in 1860. Lakshmipur was transformed into subdivision in 1979 and was elevated to a district in 1984. It consists of 4 upazilas, 3 municipalities, 30 wards, 55 mahallas, 47 union parishads, 445 mouzas and 536 villages.
Upazilla/ Thana
Lakshmipur Sadar Upazila, Raipur Upazila, Ramganj Upazila, Ramgati Upazila

Post Codes for Lakshmipur District

Elected MP(s) in 2008 Election
Area# Area NameElected MPFrom
274Lakshmipur-1Nazim Uddin AhmedBangladesh Nationalist Party
275Lakshmipur-2Md. Abul Khair BhuiyanBangladesh Nationalist Party
276Lakshmipur-3Md. Shaheed Chowdhury AneeBangladesh Nationalist Party
277Lakshmipur-4A. B. M Ashraf Uddin ( Nejan)Bangladesh Nationalist Party
Parliament Election Winner (Party-wise): 2001,1996,1991
Seat#Area Name200119961991
275Lakshmipur-1BNP (65.92)BNP (43.92)BNP (40.56)
276Lakshmipur-2BNP (72.23)BNP (51.65)BNP (53.50)
277Lakshmipur-3BNP (68.02)BNP (43.71)BNP (31.65)
278Lakshmipur-4BNP (35.65)Other (38.94)BNP (33.09)
BAL: Bangladesh Awami League
BNP: Bangladesh Nationalist Party
JI: Jamat E Islami
JP: Jatiya Party
Lakshmipur district area had been a part of the kingdom of Bhulua at the beginning of the thirteenth century. Lakshmipur is said to have been a military outpost during the Mughal and Company period. From the sixteenth to the nineteenth century this area used to produce huge quantity of salt and exported them outside. It was on the issue of salt production that the Salt Movement occurred in this area. The inhabitants of this district had important role in the indigo resistance movement, Sannyasi uprising, swadeshi movement and Debt Arbitration Movement. During the Swadeshi Movement Mahatma Gandhi travelled through the district and often stayed at Kafilatali Akhra and at Sreerampur Rajbari in Ramganj. The rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam visited Lakshmipur town in June 1926. On this occasion a silver plate and a silver cup were presented to the poet on behalf of the residents of the town. During the war of liberation in 1971 seventeen battles were fought between the freedom fighters and the Pak occupation army.
Places to see
Tita Khan Jami Mosque, Mita Khan Mosque, Majupur Matka Mosque, Madhu Banu Mosque, Dayem Shah Mosque, Abdullahpur Jami Mosque, Sahapur Neel-kuthi, Sahapur Saheb-bari, Zamindar house at Dalal Bazar, Srigovinda Mahaprabhu Jeu Akhra, Dalal Bazar Math, Khoa-sagor dighi, Oidara Dighi, Kamala Sundari Dighi, Jinn's Mosque at village Kerwa in Raipur, Bara Mosque, Rani Bhabani Kamada Math of Ramgati, Sreerampur Rajbari in Ramganj, Shyampur Dayra Sharif, Kachua Dargah, Harishchar Dargah, Kanchanpur Dargah.
Daily Lakshmipur Kantha (1995), Daily Al-Chist (1995), (weekly) Natun Samaj (Natun Desh, 1972), Samabay Barta (Bangladesh Barta, 1973), Mukti Bani (1928, defunct), Ganamukh (1973, defunct), Elan (1982), Natun Path (1987), Damama (1992), Ananda Akash (1995, defunct), Ramganj Barta (1991), Rojnamcha (defunct), fortnightly Abasar, monthly Renaissance, monthly Jagaran (2000), monthly Dakatia, Quarterly Raipur Darpan (1998); periodicals: Chetana (1969), Prachchhad (1984), Chhayapath, Kabita Barta, Ramgati Darpan, Luxmipur Barta (1989), Ramgati Barta (1998), Agraja (1999), Bichitrita (1994).
Rivers the Meghna, dakatia, Katakhali, Rahmatkhali and Bhulua.
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